It's another journey we're taking with Muddah; an effortless compilation of persona and mad skill rolled into a foggy tune that seems to melt infinity into three minutes. You can't help it; you will move your head to the beat, and if the lyrics don't take your musical senses for a ride, the bassline definitely will. As usual, the bravado of the Boy Wonder makes it an irresistible  track. Go on and have a listen.



It doesn’t matter what day it is. It doesn’t matter what time it is. Whether you’re in a cell or in the club. You know who’s by your side. The squad. It might be business. It might be pleasure. What it always is, is a great time. Lifetime Music presents to you the perfect soundtrack for you with their upcoming EP – Nairobi Youth. Be the first to listen to the debut single “Ariff”. Downloads now available for free!



Cheki Buda is the second single by Muddah from the Nairobi Youth EP. The mad scientist, Curious, gives you another taste of the sound of Nairobi. Muddah breathes life onto the track. Cheki Buda is a speech by The Leader of the Nairobi Youth. A shout to his city. A dedication to Westie. A pledge to good vibes only. Cheki Buda. It's Lifetime Music Bruh!



It’s Thursday. No, it’s Friday; or maybe it’s Saturday. It might as well be Tuesday. We are Nairobi Youth. We’re about to take two or three after we take a two-three from Kangemi. Tunaenda Westie. Let’s take this journey down the road with no signs. Let’s see where the night leads. Let’s smile, laugh and reminisce the darkness.One time for the real ones. Let’s go. Let’s get lit.